IBIBE Magazine: Our Pick is Nuance Wine Finer

If you’ve ever opened a bottle of wine and were taken aback by mouth-puckering tannins, imperceptible aromas and harsh, unbalanced flavors, you probably could have used a wine aerator. These indispensable tools are held above the glass or decanter, or inserted into the bottle, before pouring and serving the wine. Aerators add oxygen to soften a wine’s tannins, open up the bouquet and turn up the volume on the fruit, and they work more quickly and efficiently than swirling the wine around the glass or simply opening the bottle.

Young reds tend to benefit the most, but some devotees aerate almost every bottle they uncork – with the exception of mature wines, as they have already seen enough air over time. Some designs require the use of a decanter, while others do double-duty by conveniently allowing aeration directly into a glass. The most well conceived aerators include a filter to catch sediment or pieces of cork. Truly patient wine lovers can cellar young bottles and let nature take its eventual course, but waiting is no fun for those who prefer instant gratification. – Kelly Magyarics

Modern, attractive design, convenient stopper keeps remaining wine fresh: built-in sediment screen, neat, no-spill pouring, fits all bottle shapes.

IBIBE Magazine May/June 200

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