Nuance is a Danish design brand build from a collection of innovative and functional products designed by strong Nordic designers. They’ve created numerous household products that are setting new standards around the world for functionality and design.   Nuance products are a combination of elegance and function. The Nuance philosophy is about versatility, harmony, and functionality for kitchen, living and bar and wine.  Their designers take great pride in their product functionality within design. You immediately want to use Nuance products, own them and gift them to others.


about_winefiner_2The Nuance Wine Finer is a Danish design. It’s the ultimate solution for the wine lover who refuses to compromise on taste and who needs to serve wine elegantly and without delay. At first glance, the Wine Finer is a stylish black pourer with a polished oval top. Aeration, Filtration, Drip stop and Close-fitting lid…. four practical functions in one stylish and yet discrete pourer, which protrudes only a few centimetres from the neck of the wine bottle. Hidden inside the bottle is a 12 cm pipe which makes it possible to decant a whole bottle of wine in less than a minute – while you pour the wine into the glasses.

Inside the pipe there are two stainless steel filters that efficiently remove sediment, cork and tartaric acid. As you pour, there is a bubbling noise from the bottle as the Wine Finer draws the aerated wine through 32 small holes. Take a closer look and you will see thousands of tiny air bubbles streaming out of the end of the Wine Finer.

If you compare the taste of the same wine poured with and without the Nuance Wine Finer, the difference is striking. Any wine gains from being aerated and filtered. The connoisseur avoids sediment, the wine “opens up”, releasing more rounded aromas and flavours.

The philosophy behind the Nuance Wine Finer

  • I came up with the idea for the Wine Finer because I thought it was a shame to see so many glasses of good red wine being served that contained finings and pieces of cork. Wine that should have been filtered out before it was poured into the glass.” However, it is impossible to filter wine through an opening as small as the neck of a wine bottle. Instead, I came up with the idea of a wine pourer designed to break surface tension and to aerate the wine at the same time. Aeration takes place in an air pipe that allows air to flow through the Wine Finer, thus aerating the wine. The wine runs through 32 small holes and is sieved through a stainless steel filter inside the Wine Finer. The result is a large aeration surface which “opens up” the wine just before it is poured into the glass, and, at the same time, holds the sediment back. From here, it was relatively straightforward to develop the 4-in-1 Wine Finer. A drip stop pourer which aerates and filters in a single, quick and easy process. A pourer that also functions as a close-fitting lid. It all sounds very simple but the design and product development process lasted two and a half years. It took that long to clarify the details before the Wine Finer could replace a traditional decantation – Marcus Vagnby


The new Spirit products are designed and developed by Marcus Vagnby who also designed the Nuance Wine Finer.

Danish industrial designer Marcus Vagnby shows with minimalist aesthetics how mind, function and materials go up in synthesis. This is experimental modern design in its use of materials and is often inspired by genuine necessity. His design maintains elements of surprise and deep intellectual beauty, because it relies more on invention than on the development of styles. Spirit Danish Design is made for the modern and conscious consumers who want a modern home where style and elegance is of high priority.



about-wineperfectorThe Spirit WINE PERFECTOR was developed to aerate and filter your wine as well. They have sleek elegant design that fits inside and around the neck of the bottle, hiding the unsightly threads on screw top wine bottles, or poorly cut foil and making pouring an aerated glass of wine easier. The new SPIRIT WINE PERFECTOR comes in either Gold or Silver. The product line also includes a Champagne Set in Gold, Silver and Champagne Pink. The set includes an opener, pourer and champagne stopper.